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the_genies's Journal

The Genies
29 November
The City
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Alfieri is a free-lance journalist who takes on cases as a private detective to supplement his income. He lives topside, and has a special interest in the company HydroGen.

Ande is a purpose-bred mutant, conceived for one of the few remaining rig ships. He slipped away whilst the ship was in-dock, and now lives and works for Vixen.

Victorian Xureb, alias 'Vixen' is a consented genie. She works in the Pink Flamingo, by day as a tarot-reader, and by night as an exotic dancer.

Warning: This is not a multiple journal, although it may look that way. It could be considered a soulbonding journal in the original use of the word, in that these are characters in my head who refuse to shut up. But that's it. They are characters. Sorry.